Watching for fun and profit

"Being There" movie poster“I like to watch.”

Chance the gardener says this in what’s probably Jerzy Kosinski’s most successful book, “Being There.” When they turned the diminutive novel into a movie, Peter Sellers played Chance.

When it comes to eBay, “I like to watch.”

Obviously there are two big reasons eBayers like to watch auctions. When they’re shopping for something, keeping an eye on sales of similar items gives buyers an idea of what they can expect to pay. They can then set the limits on their bidding at informed levels.

Sellers are on the other side of the coin. A little time spent getting the feel for the marketplace can help sellers make wise merchandising choices. Corporations pay mega-bucks for market research. Potential eBay merchants can get this kind of information for free just by pushing the “Add To Watch List” button.

In “Being There,” Chance the gardener was a simple fool who the media mistakenly portrayed as a deep thinking genius. With proper use of the eBay “watch” feature, you’ll be no fool.

Related to this tactic is searching and scrolling through closed auctions. We’ll talk about this great tool soon.

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