Watch Unlimited Free DVDs and Free Movies

Watch movies freeWe’ve discussed how to get free local HD television using an antenna. Something like 80 percent of the most popular programming is broadcast by your local network television stations, so if you make this one simple change, it should give you free access to most of your favorite shows.

To make up for the last 20 percent or to help satisfy TV viewers who don’t enjoy the standard network shows very much, there are more ways to get movies for free into your home, so let’s see how you can get free DVDs.

You’ve probably seen those Redbox video rental machines popping up all around town. They seem like a good idea. They don’t offer free movies, but charging $1.20 for a regular DVD doesn’t seem so bad, does it?

However, if there’s one lesson we all need to learn, it’s that a few dollars here and a few dollars there all add up. It’s like having a slow air leak in one of your car tires. On any given day you don’t notice any difference, but by the end of the month your tire is flat, or in the case of your household budget, you’re flat broke.

Try the public library. My wife and I are currently going through a British mystery series called “Midsomer Murders.” We enjoy those kinds of programs. But, I’m certain that if you took a few minutes to browse the collection at your nearest public library branch, you’ll find dozens of shows you’d love to see.

When I go over to my library website and click my way to the page about movies, I find several lists—and they’re all loaded with great free DVDs I can watch. One of the lists features Academy Awarding winning movies. As I’m writing this, we’re in the middle of what they call “Oscar Season” so this looks pretty interesting. They have no fewer than 82 Academy Award winning films.

At my local library, free videos and free DVDs are checked out for seven days and can be renewed once, so you can have your movies free for two weeks. How much would that cost you if you were using RedBox?

And hey, while you’re at the library, I hear they have lots of good books. Why not check those out too? (Pun intended.)

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