There’s Gold in those Old Books, DVDs and Video Games!

Okay, can we talk? When’s the last time you watched that 3-disk set of season one of “The Office”? It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Then, why is it still cluttering your shelves?

eBay’s sister site,, is a great way to get rid of your DVDs, books, CDs, video games and video game systems. Setting up an account is easy. You’ll need to enter some basic information along with a credit card number and bank account information. only uses your credit card information to confirm your identity. When you make sales on the website, the money is deposited to your checking account. This is one of the main differences between selling on and eBay, which deposits money to your PayPal account.

One of the best things about selling on is the ease at which you can list your books, CDs, DVDs and games. Carve out a little time to your bookshelves for the tomes you’re never likely to read or need again.

TIP: If you haven’t touched it for a few years, get rid of it.

Now comes the easy part. Sit down in a comfortable chair with your stack of books, log onto and start entering your information. For books, you type in the ISBN number. For other items the UPC code is the key.

Unlike eBay, you don’t have to give your sale a title, upload pictures and answer a bunch of other questions. The system fills in most of the information. You just need to give each item a condition rating and if you think it’s helpful, describe or explain the condition. For a book you might add, “Slight crease on the back cover,” for example.

TIP: Be totally honest about the condition of your items. Nothing trumps customer satisfaction when you’re selling online. Never misrepresent your goods. It’s better to have a customer be pleasantly surprised by the great condition of your items than disappointed by items in unexpectedly poor condition.

Also unlike eBay, items listed here are not going up for auction. You set your price. Depending on the condition of yours and previous sales/listings of the same item, will often suggest a price.

Finally, to point out one more difference between selling on and eBay, whatever you list on stays there until it is sold, unlike eBay auctions which have an end date.

This should get you started. Next time we’ll talk about which kinds of items do the best on, shipping and a few other tips.

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