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How To Find Half.com Best-Selling Books

We’ve discussed the basics of selling your books, DVDs, CDs and video games on Half.com so let’s go to the next step and explore what types of books sell best.

The easy answer to this is just to give you a link to a list of the 200 best-selling books on Half.com. But, that’s really not going to do you much good. Right now for instance I see that copies from the “Twilight” and “Harry Potter” series are high on that list. However, used hardcovers of those books, in good condition, are selling for less than one dollar. Hardcovers in “like new” condition are listed for five to six dollars.

I don’t mention this to discourage you from listing those types of books, but I want you to go in with your eyes open. The are jillions of copies of the mega-best sellers out there and almost as many people trying to dump their used copies. You can sell yours and make a buck or two, but it might take a while.

If you have a used bookstore nearby, you might see if it will give you more value in store credit than what you would receive if you sold your copy through Half.com.

My wife is a kindergarten teacher and we’ve taken boxes of items I didn’t feel we could sell on Half.com to a nearby used bookstore and she has tallied up hundreds of dollars in store credit. She’s always buying more books for her classroom, so this works out well for us.

Anyway, back to the original question: Which books sell best? I would put nonfiction at the top of the list, and especially guides and educational books.

Here’s the way to think about it: Any book that a person needs fairly quickly for a specific purpose will perform well on Half.com.

For example, a couple of years ago my wife and I had to take some PRAXIS exams. These are tests required for aspiring teachers. We purchased a few PRAXIS exam preparation guides. These books sold within days—if not hours—after being listed on Half.com. We have also had this kind of success selling textbooks on the website.

TIP: When you purchase and use a test preparation book, write the answers to the sample tests on a separate piece of paper so you don’t mess up the test inside the book itself. This will allow you to resell your book with a higher condition rating and save you some wrist numbing erasing down the road.

I have collected a lot of theology books over the years. I looked at my collection and asked myself which ones would I probably never open again. These have sold well. Many of these books are printed in fairly small numbers, at least when compared to the Harry Potter books, and they don’t stay in print forever. Those qualities make them good candidates for selling on Half.com.

How about you? What has sold best for you? Let us know.