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USPS Priority Mail Great For eBay, Not for Animals

I love USPS Priority Mail for its speed and simplicity. It’s especially useful when the winning bidder in your eBay auction lives outside the United States.

But, it’s no way to ship live animals.

A woman in Minneapolis tried to mail a puppy to a relative as a present. The pooch went unnoticed until a postal worker knocked the box off a counter and he started making noise—the dog, not the postal worker.

So while using Priority Mail for eBay shipments can be the smart thing to do, I’m afraid this woman’s actions just highlighted how stupid this nation has become.

My son and I were discussing Priority Mail yesterday. He has a few eBay auctions going and it looks like one of his items might go to a bidder in Taiwan. After checking a few rates, Priority Mail turned out to be by far the best deal. Also, when you have an item to be shipped Priority Mail, you can schedule a pick up so you don’t have to bother with a trip to the local Post Office.

If your item fits in a Priority Mail box, international shipping can be fairly easy. One more tip: I’ve found that the customs form you get at the Post Office counter is more simple than the online form that is available at USPS.com. For some reason, the online form requires more information.

Usually when organizations move things into the online environment, they get easier to deal with.

Well, it is Post Office management we’re talking about here…

(By the way. That cute puppy photo comes to us via The Daily Puppy where you can definitely meet your minimum daily requirement for cute puppy pictures.)