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Will you ever read those books again, really?

It only took a day or two to make my first book sale on Half.com so I immediately grabbed a pile of books and listed them all.

Before we moved from California to Nashville, we had a mega garage sale and unloaded about 30 years of collected books. We made some money, but had I taken the time to list them online, I’m certain we could have done far better. However, that would have required us to start listing them well in advance.

We aren’t such good planners.

If you have books on your shelves that you haven’t read, or probably even considered reading, the last few years, why not put them up for sale on Half.com? Believe me, you won’t miss them.

The user interface is really easy. Just plug in the ISBNs, give them a price, rate them, make a comment or two if necessary, and you’re done.

The only thing I’m not completely happy about is that they only pay twice a month. Their parent company, eBay pays whenever you make a sale.

The site integrates shipping with Paypal shipping so you can print your labels and pay for postage online. This is a feature I really love. It keeps you out of the long lines at the post office and you can get tracking for only 19 cents. Also, Half.com orders ship at the media mail rate.

You do, however, need a good scale at home to use this feature.

It seems that over the last decade there’s been a major movement afoot to declutter our lives. Magazines like “Simple” and a whole slew of shows on HGTV are built around this idea.

Clear off some of those bookshelves and put a little extra cash in your wallet.

Half.com isn’t half bad, really

If you have a load of CDs, DVDs and books you want to get rid of, you might consider eBay’s red-headed step child: Half.com.

College students with textbooks take special notice of this blog.

eBay bought Half.com quite a long time ago and it specializes in books, music and movies. I listed a few books on the site over the weekend. It’s really easy, especially if you already of an eBay account.

The interface is great. You simply enter ISBNs for books and UPCs for other items. The Half.com system looks them up and fills in most of the important information. You give your item a quality rating, a price and write a brief description, if needed.

The Half.com software gives you great pricing information when you enter your items. It suggests a price, tells you highs and lows and what the most recent identical item sold for.

I was more than pleased to find that one of the books we are listing sells for around $100.

There is also a bulk uploading interface available if you have a lot of items you want to do all at once. If you know how to use a spreadsheet like Excel, this should be no problem for you.

One of the great things about Half.com is that your items stay listed until they sell. With eBay, your auctions typically expire in a week and then you have to deal with re-listing your items.

For sellers who already have an eBay account, you can also have your Half.com items automatically listed on eBay.

Double the pleasure, double the fun!