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Are we the only people with DVR?

Dear Half.com buyers: Would you please stop buying the DVDs I listed over the weekend? For crying out loud, all these movies are on cable. Do you not have DVR?

On either Friday or Saturday I sat down with a pile of about 20 DVDs we decided to sell online. Half.com makes selling them very easy. Go to their multiple entry page and enter the UPC for each DVD. Tip: Although the interface says you can use the ISBN number for DVDs, don’t do it. It doesn’t work. I tried that first, then had to go back and enter all the UPCs.

After they were online about three or four hours, I got an order. Great, I thought. I packaged it up and when I was out doing some errands I dropped it off at the Post Office.

When I came back and checked my email, I had two more orders. More packaging and another trip to the Post Office.

This pattern kept up over the weekend. By the end of the evening on Sunday I thought I was caught up. Then, as I was about to turn out the light and go to sleep, the Paypal app I have on my iPhone pushed through a message saying that I had received an instant payment.

To make matters worse, when I woke up on Monday morning, I had three more orders waiting for me.

When will this madness stop?

Granted, most of these DVDs are just selling for a few bucks. My wife thinks we might be better off taking them to a used bookstore and selling them for store credit. Fair enough. But with store credit we end up with just more stuff to clutter up our home.

With a cash sale, I can buy a candy bar, or something.

You might be interested to know that I got the most money from a DVD that I remember buying off a bargain table. It was an old noir film that had been transferred to DVD. I think I paid about seven bucks for it and ended up selling it for about the same price on Half.com.

It looks like a video rental place bought it.