Ugh! Three lousy eBay auctions!

“Disappointing” would probably be the best way to sum up my three eBay auctions that ended in the days between Christmas and New Years.

Although two of the items had a large number of “watchers,” for some reason that didn’t translate to anything I would call competitive bidding.

One of the items I sold went for the opening bid. That’s the first time that’s happened to me, although I suppose I should expect that to occur every so often. Fortunately, I still made a few dollars off the sale.

Underscore the word “few” in the previous sentence.

Next year I think I’ll avoid starting auctions that end over the holiday season. However, I think I’ll also try to make sure I have some good gift items listed on eBay over the weeks leading up to Christmas.

I wonder how many Christmas gifts go straight onto eBay once all the relatives are out of town? Probably quite a few.

As soon as the New Year’s holiday is over, I’m going to explore the attic again and find try to kick off 2011 with a big bang on eBay.

If you need a little mad money, why don’t you do the same?