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Ugh! Three lousy eBay auctions!

“Disappointing” would probably be the best way to sum up my three eBay auctions that ended in the days between Christmas and New Years.

Although two of the items had a large number of “watchers,” for some reason that didn’t translate to anything I would call competitive bidding.

One of the items I sold went for the opening bid. That’s the first time that’s happened to me, although I suppose I should expect that to occur every so often. Fortunately, I still made a few dollars off the sale.

Underscore the word “few” in the previous sentence.

Next year I think I’ll avoid starting auctions that end over the holiday season. However, I think I’ll also try to make sure I have some good gift items listed on eBay over the weeks leading up to Christmas.

I wonder how many Christmas gifts go straight onto eBay once all the relatives are out of town? Probably quite a few.

As soon as the New Year’s holiday is over, I’m going to explore the attic again and find try to kick off 2011 with a big bang on eBay.

If you need a little mad money, why don’t you do the same?

Were you glued to your television watching the first episodes of A&E’s “Storage Wars” like me? W

Were you glued to your television watching the first episodes of A&E’s “Storage Wars” like me?

We used to have something we called “junk TV,” mindless sitcoms, cop shows, hospital shows and game shows. Now, between all the auction shows, picker shows, pawn shop shows and this new storage unit show, we really, really have junk TV.

As a budding eBay auctioneer of course, I was intrigued by the possibility of buying abandoned storage unit stuff to turn around and resell on eBay.

This prompted me to see if I could find any storage unit auctions in my area. I didn’t find any, but I found a great website that lists auctions all around the nation. I probably spent a half hour looking through all the Nashville auctions listed at http://www.auctionzip.com.

Even if you aren’t looking for potential eBay merchandise, you’ll probably  enjoy seeing all the auctions scheduled for your area. You might even find some storage unit auctions.

The rules for these auctions are pretty interesting. The auctioneer opens up the unit. Bidders stand outside the unit and peer inside; they can’t go into the unit, look into boxes, etc.

When you go, bid with caution. If A&E’s “Storage Wars” is true, much of the bidding is a macho contest of oneupmanship to decide who’s the real alpha male among storage unit auction aficionados and who can get pushed into ponying up a wad of Benjamins for a pile of worthless crap.

You’ve been warned. Me too.

This buying stuff to turn around on eBay may be a good idea. Yesterday I listed one of the coffeemak

This buying stuff to turn around on eBay may be a good idea.

Yesterday I listed one of the coffeemakers I bought at the local liquidation outlet and someone grabbed it in just a few hours for double the money I paid for it. Of course, now I’m thinking that the “Buy It Now” price I put on the coffeemaker was a little too low.

Re-listing an item on eBay is sometimes free or at least very inexpensive. It’s probably smart to start off with a slightly aggressive “Buy It Now” price and if it doesn’t sell at that price, or through bidding, lower the price when it’s re-listed.

What a concept. Lowering the price when demand is down for a product.

We moved to Tennessee from California about three years ago. I’ve noticed a difference with gasoline prices between here and California.

We lived for many years in a rural area of Northern California. The gasoline was always terribly expensive near home. It was always cheaper in the cities, so we avoided filling up at our local gas stations.

We live in Nashville and I’ve found that gas is less expensive when I’m out of town in the more rural areas. If possible, I’ll wait until I’m out of town to fill up.

Exactly the opposite my California experience.

And, I’m behaving exactly the way predicted in my old Econ 100 class. I tend to buy gasoline at the lowest price I can find.