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Barbie doll clothes, humidifiers and more

I can’t seem to give away this one vacuum sealer I’ve been trying to sell on eBay the last few weeks. I guess It’s just going to have to go in with our kitchen appliances.

It’s a Rival sealer. I’ve had great luck selling FoodSaver vacuum sealers, but no one seems interested in this one. Oh well. It only cost me $10. I tested it and it works fine, so I don’t mind keeping it.

I bought two humidifiers to resell on eBay. I had no idea how well they would do. I couldn’t find very many comparable sales when I searched eBay, but the first one sold last night and I more than doubled my money. That’s always good news.

Another one of my eBay auctions ends this evening. I’m trying to sell the kitchen ceiling light fixture I took down when I installed new lighting a couple of weeks ago. Someone bid my opening price, so I know I’ll be boxing it up and shipping it out of here, but I hope the price gets bid up a little bit more this evening.

I have a few watchers on this one, so I’m mildly hopeful.

However, I’m also reminded that occasionally something gets sold at the opening bid price. This is really good to remember if you want to buy something on eBay and don’t need it really quickly.

Find an eBay auction for the item you want that doesn’t have a reserve price and put in the opening bid. You might luck out. If someone out bids you, just go find another auction for the type of item you need and put in another opening bid.

Sooner or later you’ll probably win one of these auctions.

My next major project is to list a lot of the Barbie doll clothes from Pam’s childhood that are sitting up in our attic.

I’ve been given strict instructions not to touch them until she goes through the stuff, so I’m hoping we can pull it all down this weekend and see what’s there.

We’ll divide the clothes up into little lots of something like 10 items and see how they do.

Pam has quite a collection of vintage Barbie doll clothes so If there’s a market for these things, we’re rich!

Pinup Calendars and Michelangelo

My wife and I recharged our cultural batteries when we spent the Martin Luther King three-day weekend in New York City and I almost forgot about putting stuff on eBay through the entire experience.


The one exception was when Pam was standing in line to buy a few things at the Metropolitan Museum of Art gift shop. I spied a display where they had some famous artist “sketch pads” on sale for $150, marked down from $750. That’s the kind of margin I’m looking for when I buy something to resell on eBay.

I didn’t have time to pull out my iPhone, go to my eBay app and research sketch pad sales, but I was tempted.

After I got home I took a few minutes to see if reproductions of artist sketch pads sell well on eBay. The answer was a definite “yes and no.”

There were a number of artist sketch pad reproductions listed and sold on eBay, but the style of art featured wasn’t exactly like the “old masters” reproduced in those sketch pads I saw at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The eBay items were all vintage sketch pad style pinup calendars. Quite, ahem, appealing in their own right, but obviously not exactly the kind of item I found in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s gift shop.

However, the museum seems to be suffering something of a budget crunch right now, so they might consider adding some of these “sketch pads” to their gift shop inventory.

I’m just sayin’…