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Professor Layton and Luke are in the mail

Thanks are due to Professor Layton and free shipping.

I was able to sell both of my used Professor Layton Nintendo DS games on eBay for nearly $16 each including free shipping. That’s seems to be about their fair market value.

My worry was that they wouldn’t sell at all. When I first put them on eBay, I had them listed to ship for $4 and that decision buried them in eBay searches. Once I switched over to free shipping, the games jumped up in the search result pages and they started draw the interest of eBay shoppers.

Fortunately these games are very inexpensive to ship via the U.S. Post Office first class mail. Their cases do a great job protecting them, so I was able to just stuff them in envelopes and send them on their way for less than $2 in postage.

Now it’s time to see what other Nintendo DS games I have sitting around that I’m unlikely to play very much in the future and get them listed on eBay ASAP.

I have two “Brain Age” games. I’m sure I can live with just one of those.

My brain probably won’t know the difference.

Tweaking Auctions Pays Off

Switching my Nintendo DS games eBay auctions to “free shipping” dramatically improved my position in search results and the number of people seeing my items.

When I checked my statistics yesterday I had about 95 “impressions,” which show how many eBay shoppers had seen the headline of my auctions. That was after the items had been listed for three days.

This morning—not even a full day after I switched my auctions to feature free shipping—the number of impressions for my Professor Layton and the Curious Village game had jumped to 267 and finally I had a bidder.

I also gained some “watchers” so I’m feeling a lot better about these eBay auctions today.

Stay tuned.

Buried alive on eBay!

Ever feel like a zombie who has been buried alive?

When your eBay item is relegated to page two or three of search results, that’s what it feels like.

I wondered why my Nintendo DS Professor Layton games weren’t getting more hits so I decided to plunge into eBay’s listing analytics software. Digging a little deeper, I searched for my own items and found that I wasn’t appearing anywhere near the top of the eBay search results pages.

eBay has a good help center with tips for sellers who want to improve their position in search results. Here’s what eBay has to say:

  • Offer good prices and reasonable shipping
  • Provide good service
  • List in the right format and the right categories
  • Write accurate and relevant titles
  • Write clear item descriptions
  • Include great photos
  • State your terms clearly

The thing that popped out to me was pricing, including my shipping fees. My base price was good. It was a buck or two less than most others. However, my flat rate shipping of $4 might have been a problem, so I switched both games to free shipping.

The change immediately upped my position in search results. I’ll be very interested to see if this helps generate more interest and a few bids. Photos don’t mean very much with video games, so I only have one photo with these auctions. However, maybe a second photo would improve my search results position even more. Of course, a second photo costs a little.

Also, when I started these auctions I should have realized how many other eBay sellers are trying to get rid of the same DS games. I’ve sold a lot of items where there weren’t that many other listings. In those cases, getting on the first page of search results is not a problem.

From now on before I list anything on eBay, I’ll do a better job sizing up the competition. I’ve always looked at prices, but now I’ll get a feel for how many sellers have the same or similar items.