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Ugh! Three lousy eBay auctions!

“Disappointing” would probably be the best way to sum up my three eBay auctions that ended in the days between Christmas and New Years.

Although two of the items had a large number of “watchers,” for some reason that didn’t translate to anything I would call competitive bidding.

One of the items I sold went for the opening bid. That’s the first time that’s happened to me, although I suppose I should expect that to occur every so often. Fortunately, I still made a few dollars off the sale.

Underscore the word “few” in the previous sentence.

Next year I think I’ll avoid starting auctions that end over the holiday season. However, I think I’ll also try to make sure I have some good gift items listed on eBay over the weeks leading up to Christmas.

I wonder how many Christmas gifts go straight onto eBay once all the relatives are out of town? Probably quite a few.

As soon as the New Year’s holiday is over, I’m going to explore the attic again and find try to kick off 2011 with a big bang on eBay.

If you need a little mad money, why don’t you do the same?

My “Groundhog Day” Moment on eBay

Unless you enjoy doing the same thing over and over again—think “Groundhog Day” here—I have an important eBay tip for you.

When you enter all the required information to sell an item, at the end of the process you are given the chance to “Save for Later.” Sounds like a great thing, right?

It is, except that regular eBay sellers can only save one listing to post at a later time. If you have one that is already saved and start another listing before you list your saved listing you lose your saved listing.

There’s no warning.

I ended up entering some items twice this morning because I didn’t know about this one little unadvertised “feature.”

Frustrated I caved in and finally went to “Help” and found this explanation:

Be careful when you use the eBay “Save for Later” function. However, there is a way around this problem.

You need to use the “Save as Template” option when you’re listing a new item. I finally wised up to this and created a template for an item I’m selling. I have three of these items, so the template should come in handy.

Most of us who sell items on eBay aren’t being paid by the hour, so accomplishing these tasks as quickly as possible should always be a goal.

Nightmare on eBay Street

Not everything is perfect in the eBay world.

While I haven’t had any problems with actual transactions, I had a very painful experience with eBay “customer service” about a month ago.

After a break of something like two years since I last sold an item, I wanted to start another listing. I couldn’t get properly logged on to type in the information.

I pressed all the little question marks on the page to try to solve the problem. I availed myself to the online chat with a “customer service rep.” And finally I ended up talking to a real live person whose cubicle was somewhere in Upper Chhattisgarh.

Honestly, if someone in the Indian subcontinent can answer my question, that’s fine with me, but this particular call seemed to have two major problems. First, the information from eBay that the customer service rep was working from was obviously flawed. Second, the person was unable to pronounce words in a way that I could comprehend.

The session was doomed from the get-go. Some of the details:

  • I’ve been using the same handful of passwords for the last 17 years. I know my passwords. Why they suddenly wouldn’t work on eBay is still a mystery. (BTW, if you want to spend time guessing my passwords to steal my identity, be my guest. I’m about done with it.)
  • I’ve been using the same “security questions” for the last 12 years. How they suddenly changed on eBay is still a mystery.
  • And finally, the woman asked for address information to verify my identity. To my knowledge I’ve only lived two different places over the last 10 years. Apparently eBay knows better.

I was beginning to feel like I was being tried before the United Nations Security Council and I had squished the little earbud I was depending on for translation.

Eventually she asked what my last purchase was and we were able to achieve a meeting of the minds. I got okayed to sell my item.

Thank you very much.

It was shocking to me that eBay customer service could be so poor. If you have any eBay nightmares, share them with us.