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Buried alive on eBay!

Ever feel like a zombie who has been buried alive?

When your eBay item is relegated to page two or three of search results, that’s what it feels like.

I wondered why my Nintendo DS Professor Layton games weren’t getting more hits so I decided to plunge into eBay’s listing analytics software. Digging a little deeper, I searched for my own items and found that I wasn’t appearing anywhere near the top of the eBay search results pages.

eBay has a good help center with tips for sellers who want to improve their position in search results. Here’s what eBay has to say:

  • Offer good prices and reasonable shipping
  • Provide good service
  • List in the right format and the right categories
  • Write accurate and relevant titles
  • Write clear item descriptions
  • Include great photos
  • State your terms clearly

The thing that popped out to me was pricing, including my shipping fees. My base price was good. It was a buck or two less than most others. However, my flat rate shipping of $4 might have been a problem, so I switched both games to free shipping.

The change immediately upped my position in search results. I’ll be very interested to see if this helps generate more interest and a few bids. Photos don’t mean very much with video games, so I only have one photo with these auctions. However, maybe a second photo would improve my search results position even more. Of course, a second photo costs a little.

Also, when I started these auctions I should have realized how many other eBay sellers are trying to get rid of the same DS games. I’ve sold a lot of items where there weren’t that many other listings. In those cases, getting on the first page of search results is not a problem.

From now on before I list anything on eBay, I’ll do a better job sizing up the competition. I’ve always looked at prices, but now I’ll get a feel for how many sellers have the same or similar items.