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Going once! Going twice! Going three times! Gone, Charlie Sheen!

I suppose if you have any Charlie Sheen items, now would be a good time to put them up for auction on eBay, although some people might consider it wiser to wait until he’s dead.

Sometimes celebrity memorabilia increases after an untimely demise.

I reviewed my collection of DVDs and I don’t have any Charlie Sheen merchandise. Drat!

Frankly I wouldn’t wait until he chokes on his own vomit. I would list Charlie Sheen items for sale on either eBay or Half.com right now. First of all, the improbable might happen and he could survive this flameout. If he does, it will rank right up there with the time Chuck Yeager lost control of the X-1A and plummeted 51,000 feet in 51 seconds before he was able to somehow right the aircraft and land safely.

And if the what-looks-to-be-inevitable does happen and Sheen moves on to star in that great sitcom in the clouds alongside John Belushi and Anna Nicole Smith I don’t think our interest in him will last long.

In other words, it’s highly unlikely that Charlie Sheen will ever be a hotter property than he is today. All the agents, lawyers and entrepreneurs (aka porn stars and strippers) that are currently hovering around him like vultures over roadkill are indicators of this truth.

So gather up your autographed copies of “Major League,” copyright your recipe for “Tiger Blood” and offer them up for sale on eBay before it’s too late.

I have just two words for people who think they can wait until tomorrow to cash in on this narrow window of financial opportunity: Beanie Babies.