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Get Free 1080p HDTV Now

How about free 1080p HDTV 24-7? All you need is an antenna to pick up your local broadcast channels.

As so many of us have migrated to cable and satellite TV, and the government made local channels turn off their old analog signals, we’ve forgotten that our local channels are still broadcasting their programming. It’s free for the taking, as long you have an antenna.

Further, in many of our country’s larger television markets, some of the channels broadcast non-HD programming alongside their HD programs. It’s like multiple channels, and the cable providers don’t put this extra programming in their offerings.

How far you live away from your local broadcasters’ transmitter will determine what size antenna you need. Go to www.antennaweb.org and plug in your address. There’s a color code rating system for antennas. This website will tell you want kind of antenna you need to pull in the various television stations in your area. If you live near a transmitter, you might get by with an indoor antenna.

With this information in hand you can shop at a local electronics store or with an online retailer. If you’re lucky enough to have a local store that has experienced employees you might find out which antennas have been successful with their customers. Online retailers like Amazon.com will have customer reviews you can scan.

This strategy, combined with online TV watching and hitting up your library for DVDs, can dramatically reduce your monthly overhead.