Strategic frugal living can help you live a debt-free life

avoid credit cardsConsidering that you are already in debt — today it is difficult to find anyone without a debt problem — it is imperative that you to downsize your outgoing expenses. This lets you channel money toward your debts; paying down debts becomes much easier.

This is also a boost for your savings, allowing you to set aside more money than before. Finally, the process also requires you to budget your finances, which helps you avoid future debt.

But to put all of these together, it requires frugal living.

Frugal living – Unfolding the cryptic message

Most people believe that making money is the only important thing in life. If you have enough money, you can go on to manage anything and everything, they think. Ironically though, making money is not the end all and be all of your life. You need to understand its importance but you also need to realize that you cannot make money throughout your entire life. Therefore, it is important to save. However, with the present market conditions it is almost impossible to save if you do not live a disciplined life. Frugal living is about your financial wisdom and intelligence; it’s the smart and disciplined approach to living.

Frugal living benefits you by offering you salvation from debt. If you follow the right strategies and keep your expenses at the proper level, you will be able to save more than what you have been saving so far in your life. Here are some ideas. You can save more if you start:

  1. Having happy meals at home – Irrespective of where you are — at home or office or hostel — brown bagging lunch can help you save lots of money over time. This is not only less expensive, but can also help you save on healthcare related costs. Frequent eating out can lead to unwanted health issues. Falling ill costs you lot. So, start having meals at home, rather than dining out. It feels good to cook up new recipes and share them with family members and friends. These “happy meals” also serve as a huge boost for your health.
  1. Using utilities responsibly – It is expected that as an adult, you will learn how to use the utilities wisely. It can help you save lots of dollars. So, if you have the habit of forgetting to switch off the A/C or the lights when leaving a room, start doing the right thing. If that seems impossible, install a power strip than turns off electronic items attached to it when not in use. Keep heating and cooling systems set to a moderate level. Opt for basic programming packages where you can get a phone connection, cable connection and net connection from the same service provider.
  1. Making wise use of your vehicle – Rather than always using your own car, join or form a carpool for going to work. If you think that your office, college or the mall is at a manageable distance, walk rather than drive.

Learn how to live better for less. Come to terms with using secondhand items (whenever safe), avoid making impulse buys, and avoid using the credit cards as much as possible. Follow these rules and it will be possible to lower your expenses, lower your debt levels and increase your savings.


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