Shipping overseas is all Greek to me

I’ve had a few auctions now where soon after I post my item, I get a question from a potential bidder asking if I would ship outside the United States. So far I’ve avoided foreign bidders. My fear probably stems from the time when I ran an Internet bookselling company,, and we would often get burned on overseas orders.

Also, it adds another whole level of things I need to know about shipping.

Each time I’ve turned away foreign bidders, I’ve had a company called Shop Airlines America, Inc start bidding on my items. The company’s eBay screen name is “flight2nrt.”

This company bids on behalf foreign buyers. You ship to their warehouse in Carson, California, then Shop Airlines America forwards the package abroad.

The first time they won one of my auctions I did a little online research about them. I found some negative comments so I started to worry. They give specific labeling instructions. I did my best to follow their instructions and I didn’t have a problem. I would also recommend shipping via a method that allows for delivery confirmation.

By the way, each time Shop Airlines America has bid on one of my items, it has been the winning bidder. It looks like a lot of American junk is getting shipped overseas. If Canada is America’s hat, Japan may eventually become America’s attic.

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