Shipping in plain brown paper…

Kraft paper, my newest best friend.

I’ve simplified a portion of my eBay shipping routine. If I’m sending something that is in its original packaging and the item is securely held with custom molded styrofoam within its box, I’ve started to just wrap the box in brown kraft paper, tape the bejeezus out of it and send it on its merry way to my eBay customer.

I don’t think putting a box like that inside of another box really provides very much extra protection. If I’m ever shipping an eBay item that is fragile (pronounced frah-gee-lay) I may go to the box-in-box strategy, but for many items I don’t think it’s necessary.

Plain brown paper.

You can get a roll of kraft paper at your local office supply for next to nothing. Make sure you tape over all your seams and reinforce the corners when you’re doing your wrapping job.

My biggest hurdle when I first used kraft paper to cover a box to ship an eBay sale was my innate inability to neatly wrap a box. I’ve gotten a little more proficient now with a few boxes under my belt (hmm, I don’t think I like that imagery). The key, I believe, is to go through the same steps every time. Successful wrapping is all about repetition, just like successful rapping.

And by next Christmas, the presents I wrap for my wife shouldn’t look like disasters under the tree.

All thanks to eBay.

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