Sell Your Stuff and Dish Your Dirt

Sell the artifacts of your broken love for quick cash.While it’s true that “revenge is a dish best served cold,” getting paid while getting revenge is even sweeter.

That’s exactly what you can do at Never Liked It Anyway.

It seems like a new website designed to sell your old stuff is popping up every day, but here’s one with an interesting twist. Not only can you list your items, you can list every grievance you have with your former lover.

Are you divorced and stuck with a set of wedding gift dishes you don’t want to stare at anymore? Dump the china and dish some dirt on the dude who dumped you.

There are three parts to this website. The place you go to list your items and let the world know how your ex done you wrong. The place you go to buy things. And, the place you go to read about breakups more painful than your own…hopefully.

As you might expect, jewelry—including a boatload of wedding, engagement and anniversary rings—is the site’s biggest category of merchandise, although you can also get some great deals on several wedding dresses still in their original packaging, as well as some only worn once, or so the former owners say.

As valuable as some of the merchandise on the site may be, the stories can be priceless. After one woman finally figured out that the guy she was dating was only seeing her to make his real girlfriend jealous, she broke it off. But, that led to this:

“He pursued me for a year, freaking out if I didn’t answer my phone, climbing the fence  into my neighbor’s garden drunk trying to climb into my window, spray painting a heart with our names in it on the side of my house. He even bought non-refundable tickets to go to Costa Rica.”

Apparently spray painting the side of her house with a heart worked. They did the Costa Rica trip together, during which Mr. Right went into a “diabetic coma, ran out of money and got an ear infection.” Ouch! I hate ear infections!

While sites like eBay and Craig’s List encourage you to describe what you’re offering up for sale, unfortunately these kinds of juicy details aren’t really appropriate. If you want to get your ex’s stuff out of your life and vent at the same time Never Liked It Anyway is perfect.

The fee scale isn’t bad. You pay a flat $2.50 for a regular listing or $7.50 for a “featured listing.” They don’t take a percentage cut. You also have to create a Paypal invoice, which isn’t difficult.

There’s no extra charge for venting, which by the way you can do even if you don’t have something to sell. In addition to some great deals on wedding rings, I suspect that this site will save some people a lot of money on counseling.

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  1. TIP (especially for the guys): If you buy something for your girlfriend MAKE SURE she knows where you’re getting it from. If she finds out later, you’re sunk.

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