Results of Yesterday’s Test and More

Virginity testing is apparently the key to getting visitors to your blog. Yesterday my little eBay blog scored its most visitors ever on a single day. So I’m sure you’ll understand if I start all my eBay blogs with those two words from here on out.

I also got my first visitor from a search engine yesterday. Woot.

Remember the Kia Motors eBay auction I was following for a new Kia Sportage? I received an email update from eBay yesterday reminding me to bid before it was too late.

I’m thinking Kia probably has more than one of these available. There’s no hurry.

My sale of four rusted, antique skeleton keys ended last night rather disappointingly. The auction was bid up to $20 in the first couple of days and I had eight people watching it. However, there was no last minute bidding and they sold for only $20.

In addition, an international buyer in the Philippines placed the winning bid even though my listing restricted shipping to the United States. I’ve been avoiding eBay international shipping. Fortunately these keys are easy to ship. They’ll fit in a Priority Mail envelop or the smallest Priority Mail box, which both cost $11.45 for international shipping. So I’ve decided to make this my first foray into the murky world of international shipping.

I’ve studied up a little on eBay international shipping and if you can stick to using USPS Priority Mail, it’s supposed to be fairly easy. The Priority Mail international flat rates make invoicing simple and the shipping delivery times are fairly certain.

However, I wonder why someone in the Philippines would bid for an item when the seller says he will only ship to the United States. I know we’ve had a long and close relationship with the Philippines, but still.

Has General Douglas MacArthur been misquoted all these years? Maybe he really said, “I shall return…and when I do, I’ll bring all your eBay stuff.”

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