Professor Layton and Luke are in the mail

Thanks are due to Professor Layton and free shipping.

I was able to sell both of my used Professor Layton Nintendo DS games on eBay for nearly $16 each including free shipping. That’s seems to be about their fair market value.

My worry was that they wouldn’t sell at all. When I first put them on eBay, I had them listed to ship for $4 and that decision buried them in eBay searches. Once I switched over to free shipping, the games jumped up in the search result pages and they started draw the interest of eBay shoppers.

Fortunately these games are very inexpensive to ship via the U.S. Post Office first class mail. Their cases do a great job protecting them, so I was able to just stuff them in envelopes and send them on their way for less than $2 in postage.

Now it’s time to see what other Nintendo DS games I have sitting around that I’m unlikely to play very much in the future and get them listed on eBay ASAP.

I have two “Brain Age” games. I’m sure I can live with just one of those.

My brain probably won’t know the difference.

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