Merry eBay Holiday Hints

I’m about ready to list an item or two on eBay, but I’m a little troubled by the holidays. My fear is that auctions will not perform very well between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

My only hope is that there are some people out there who had a Food Saver or new aquarium filter on their lists to Santa but were disappointed on Christmas morning.

Of course, holidays can also play into your hand when you’re deciding what to put on eBay so it can pay off handsomely to keep this in mind as you’re going through your attic or nosing through local garage sales for items to sell.

Holidays like Valentine’s Day and Halloween seem like real naturals for eBay tie ins. Some nice jewelry might do well leading up to Valentine’s day. Maybe you can get rid of that old Richard Nixon mask next October.

Christmas decorations, both large and small, should find a market among eBay shoppers. Of course, the options for dads and grads are nearly endless.

But, those aren’t my concerns tonight. Right now I’m wondering if I’m wasting my time starting an auction that’s going to end between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

A week from now will I be overcome with “ho, ho, ho” giddiness or will I be getting ready for a “bah humbug” re-listing?

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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