Man, I’d love to dump the family silverware

As families around the nation sit down to their Thanksgiving meals, I’m trying to get the old silverplate place settings my mom used to bring out at Thanksgiving and Christmas listed for sale on eBay.

I suppose I should be more sentimental about this, but they never seemed to have any special meaning to my mom and it’s not the kind of set that has been in the family since the Allies and Germany signed the armistice ending World War I.

My main problem right now is trying to identify the pattern. It’s a William Rogers set made when the company was part of International Silver. If you have William Rogers silverplate and try to identify the pattern, you’ll soon discover that William Rogers has had more corporate partners than Zsa Zsa has had husbands. It’s a mess.

I’ve found dozens of patterns illustrated online; but not my pattern. I trekked down to the reference desk at Nashville’s main library and thumbed through a book of silverplate patterns. No luck.

In a final, desperate effort to find the pattern’s name, I took several closeup photos of a fork and sent them off to an online seller that deals with replacement pieces. According to their website they will identify the pattern.

That was about a week and a half ago. I’m waiting for a response. They told me my photos were good and they’ve forwarded them to their research department, whose name is probably something like Betty.

At this point, I’d wager a can of silver cleaner that Betty is doing the same thing I did: scrolling through a half dozen websites.

She probably has her own copy of the book I leafed through at the library.

Good for her.

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