Make Fast Cash On The Internet: eBay Selling Part 1

Could you use some extra money?

Okay, it was a dumb question. In today’s economy, virtually all of us could use a little extra cash, either to make ends meet or for that occasional special treat.

The key to getting a little more spending money might be sitting right in front of you, or hidden away in some closet at your home.

Everyday thousands of people are improving their cash flow by selling items on the Internet. Websites like eBay,, Etsy, and Craig’s List are designed to connect you to people who want to buy your stuff.

This series of articles will introduce you to online selling and give you the tools and hints you need to earn some extra cash in your spare time. Some people are creative enough and work hard enough to make a full time career out of selling online through sites like eBay.

Here’s some great news: If you have access to a computer with an Internet connection, you’ve already taken care of your biggest expense to get started as an online seller. You’ll also need a regular checking account and a Paypal account.

Paypal is an online payment and banking system. Sites like eBay use Paypal for almost all their sales. Go to to open your account. You’ll need your checking account information. Signing up easy and Paypal is basically free.

Once you have a Paypal account, do a little exploring. Look around your house for things you aren’t using anymore then get on your computer and go to and start browsing through the thousands—no, millions—of items people are selling. Can you find any of the stuff you have sitting around your house?

If so, there might be an anxious buyer waiting for you out in cyberspace.

Next time we’ll show you how to really get a good idea how much you can expect to make when you sell something on eBay and the basics of listing your items.


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