Free Legal mp3 Downloads — No Registration Required

Enjoy free music downloads.My oldest son gave me a $25 iTunes gift card for Christmas. I’ve been downloading about five songs a week.

I still have the full $25 on my gift card. It’s not a scam. It’s Freegal. If you’re hunting for free downloadable mp3s, you’ve hit pay dirt.

Here’s the deal. I’ve been hooking up with five free mp3 song downloads each week from the Sony music catalog for the last several months through the website of my local public library. The Nashville Library, like many others across the nation, is subscribing to a service called Freegal.

The brains at Library Ideas, LLC came up with the concept and worked out a deal with Sony to get access to the media giant’s huge catalog of music.

Historically, libraries have been a gathering place for the community. How can they maintain that position in the digital age? Libraries needed a reason for users to visit them online: free legal music downloads is one of the current solutions.

Right now on my library’s Freegal page, free mp3 downloads from artists like Usher, Daughtry, The Fray, Leonard Cohen, Pink and Cage the Elephant are being touted. However, this little sample doesn’t give you any sense of the various genres of music you can download for free.

All kinds of rock is available along with classical, jazz, Broadway, Celtic, blues, experimental, folk, hip hop, heavy metal, New Age, soul, smooth jazz, and too many others to mention. I haven’t counted, but I’m told there are millions of songs. If you want free legal music downloads with no registration required—except you have to have a library account—Freegal is the way to go.

TIP: You will be allowed a certain number of weekly downloads: 20 at the most. My library allows five. However, your local library as a whole has a maximum number of downloads and by the end of the week other library patrons may have used them all up. You’ll could be locked out of downloading even if you haven’t downloaded any mp3s all week. Hit Freegal for your free downloadable music early in the week.

Now, what about that iTunes gift card I got for Christmas? I’ll be using that to download some apps very soon. And, if any managers from my library are reading this, how about some free app downloads?

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