I blame Meg Whitman

Maybe it’s just as well Meg Whitman didn’t become governor of California. I suppose eBay is fine—and we’ll see as I post my online auction life here—but I have had some trouble with the site.


Right now when I search my “sold” history, my saxophone mouthpiece doesn’t appear, even if I set the search time to “60 days,” which is the longest allowable search period on eBay. I’m almost certain I sold the mouthpiece within the last two months, although I guess I could be wrong on that point. But even so, shouldn’t sellers be able to search back further than 60 days? That’s the area where computers are supposed to excel—memory. I blame Meg Whitman.


So, my first tip is to keep a journal of what you sell, so 61 days later you’ll be able to remember what happened. If you’re “journaling” to help you get your life in order, make a note of your eBay auctions as you go along.


I hope this helps.

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