How To Make Money on Youtube

Make money with Youtube VideosAuthor Marsha Sinetar made a big splash in 1989 with her book Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow. With all the different ways to earn money on the Internet today, this advice is easier to follow than ever before—especially if you like discussing the things you love or showing them to others on videos.

Here’s an example from my personal experience. I love fishing, specifically fly fishing. Some time ago I decided I’d like to share some of my fishing experiences with friends and family by posting videos on Youtube. This little exercise combined two things I love doing—fishing and putting together short videos for others to enjoy.

Every so often when I went fishing, I’d take a little video recorder with me and capture my experience. When I got home I’d bring the video into my computer, do some editing, add a few titles and then upload it to Youtube. Every time I did this I posted links to my new videos on my Facebook page.

Honestly, I didn’t check my Youtube account very often, but when I did login and look at my channel, I noticed that far more people than my Facebook friends had seen my fishing videos. Then one day I received an email from Youtube asking me if I’d like to “monetize” some of my videos. Suddenly the world of Youtube monetization opened up for me.

When some videos get enough views, Youtube asks the person who created the video if they would like to include Youtube advertising on their videos. That’s why they mean by “monetize.” My fishing videos had well less than 1,000 views when Youtube allowed me to start monetizing Youtube videos that I posted. Now it seems they give me the opportunity to monetize any video I upload.

Some creative video producers have found out how to how to make money on Youtube in a very big way and that’s all they do for a living. That certainly is not me, but I am finding ways to incrementally make money on Youtube, and you can too.

What is your passion? Is it something you can share in a Youtube video? If you can capture something on video that you already do, why not do it? It wouldn’t be very much extra effort, you would learn some valuable video editing skills and if you begin to get some viewers, Youtube will probably invite you to participate in their Youtube advertising program.

Before you know it, you could be making money on Youtube.

When Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow was originally published, Marsha Sinetar probably could not have imagined how well the Internet would help people follow their dreams, and ideas like monetizing Youtube videos were at least a decade away.

TIP: I’ve told you about my fishing videos, but I haven’t told you about my most popular video. My local AAA baseball team has a fireworks show after almost every weekend game. I videoed it once. That fireworks video gets more views than anything else I’ve posted. So my advice to you: be ready to video anything you find interesting.


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