Get More YouTube Views With Links

Increase Youtube views with links.I discussed how to make money on YouTube recently. Of course, if you’re serious about going down this road, you need to maximize the number of views your videos get.

There should be a common thread running through your videos. I mentioned that I had posted several videos about fishing that were beginning to get some views. Here’s a way to use your own YouTube videos to leverage more views.

You can put YouTube links in your videos that take viewers to your other videos. I’ve put links at the end of my fishing videos that prompt viewers to watch another one of my videos. Scan to the end of this fishing video if you would like to see an example of what I’m talking about. Also, I’ve made a video that demonstrates how YouTube annotations are used to make a link within a YouTube video.

Once you have some videos on YouTube, this is easy to do. Here are the steps:

  1. From your video manager page press the little downward pointing triangle next to “Edit.” You’ll get a drop-down menu. Select “annotations.”
  2. When you get to the Annotations page, press the “Add Annotation” button.
  3. You then have several styles of “annotations” you can add, however not all of them can be used to create a clickable YouTube link. The four that can be used as links are:
    • Speech Bubble. Yeah, this is pretty much like you see in comic books.
    • Note. A box that pops up containing text. This is what you’ll probably want.
    • Spotlight. Text appears in an area when the users hover over it with their mouse.
    • Label. A label to call out something in your video.
  4. After you select the type of annotation you want to use as a YouTube link, you need to press the “Link” button near the bottom of the page. By default, annotations are not links; you need to select this option.
  5. Your annotation will appear on your video. You can drag it around, resize it and enter the text you want for your YouTube link. It’s like a Post-it Note on your video.
  6. You also need to enter the times when you want the annotation to appear and disappear within your video. If you have a series of videos, you’ll probably want to put your annotation links toward the end of your videos.
  7. Enter the URL of the video you want to link to.
  8. Press the “Save” and “Publish” buttons.

That’s about it. After you’ve done it once, you’ll find it easy to link to a YouTube video from within another video. You’ll be putting links in YouTube videos like a pro and your viewers will be able to easily navigate from one of your videos to another.

If you’re a better visual leaner, take a look at the video I’ve made that demonstrates these steps.


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