Get Cash for Your Old Cell Phone and Electronics

Old cell phones can be sold for cashBack in the day, automobile salesmen could make a decent living because a large group of people would automatically trade in their cars and buy a new one every few years. In today’s economy that’s not happening as often.

But, many people are doing this with their cell phones. When they become eligible for an upgrade after two years, they say goodbye to the old phone and step up to the newer, faster and shinier phone.

Often they keep the old phone banging around the back of their sock drawers “just in case.” However, selling used cell phones for cash is probably a smarter idea.

Fortunately there are a number of websites that will take your cell phone trade in for cash. Some will even buy used electronics. Let’s start by steering you to the best places to sell used cell phones and a couple of places that compare websites that buy cell phones for cash.

But, before we go any further, let’s talk a little about how you get paid for your cellphone. Paypal is the preferred payment method, however they will cut you a check. Anyone looking for fast cash as they sell their old cell phones, needs to have a Paypal account already set up.

Sell your cell My wife recently upgraded her iPhone so now we have an eight gigabyte Apple iPhone 3G sitting around. Celltradein offered us the highest price, $83. The company also says it will pay a five percent bonus if you find a higher price. Celltradein also pays for shipping, as do virtually all of the other services.

Every cell phone buy back site requires you to enter information detailing the condition of your phone and their final offer depends on their inspection. If you overestimate the quality of your phone, you’re going to be disappointed. If the amount they are willing to pay is less that their original offer, you will have the opportunity to call off the deal.

Other sites I checked extended offers between $45 and $81. The sites are (in no particular order):,,,,,,,,, and

Automate your search

There are two comparison sites that will take your information, send it to the sites mentioned above and give you a chart that lists offers from each site that offers cash for old cell phones. This is a simple and straightforward site. Just enter the make and model of your phone and within a few seconds you’ll have a complete run down on what you can expect to be paid when you complete the deal to send in your cell for cash. You get one more twist with this comparison site: it has a rewards program. You earn points by signing up with Ecosquid and receive additional points every time you complete a cell phone trade in for cash deal via its referral. These points can be used for cash back rebates on new cell phones.

Selling used electronics

Maybe you aren’t looking to sell old cell phones for cash today, but you want to find out where to sell used electronics online., and will buy a wide variety of used electronic devices including Blu-Ray players, laptop computers, desktop computers, audio systems, tablets, game consoles, cell phones, digital cameras and more.

Selling used electronics works the same way as selling your used cell phone online. You’ll have to enter make, model and condition information. Usually the company will pay for shipping.

Recycling and donating

You may find that your old electronics are virtually worthless. They still need to be properly disposed.

Apple will take your old computers, either Mac or PC, as well as iPhones and iPads. If they have any value, the company will issue you a gift card. Also, Best Buy will recycle you old electronics at no cost.

Local charities like the Salvation Army will take your donation, but don’t dump hopelessly broken junk on them. eBay has a page devoted to connecting you with a wide variety of charities where you can donate your used electronics.

If you go the charity route, remember that even though your aren’t getting cash for your used electronics, you are getting a tax deduction.

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