eBay action picks up after Christmas

The eBay world was double dead-dog slow right around the Christmas weekend. I posted three things for sale a few days before the weekend hit and at first they didn’t get many page view or watchers.

Finally one minimum starting bid trickled in on one item and once the holiday weekend was gone, things seemed to get back up to speed, more or less.

One of my items has six bids. Another has one starting bid and my last item, a coffeemaker, doesn’t have any bids yet.

However, I’m a little encouraged by the number of watchers I have.

I’m also getting ready to list an electric violin soon. It’s an instrument I purchased off eBay about a year ago. But recently I decided to go back to my old acoustic violin.

I didn’t like the way my acoustic violin was sounding so I switched to the Fender electric violin and was able to find one on eBay. A few weeks ago I decided to change the strings on my acoustic instrument to see how it sounds.

It sounds pretty nice now. As I thought about it I realized that I probably hadn’t changed strings on the violin since I was in high school.

It was overdue.

I did, however, need a pickup for my acoustic violin so I ordered one off the Internet. Fortunately when I resell the Fender electric violin on eBay I should more the recoup the money I had to pay for the pickup.

As I’ve said before, musical instruments do very well on eBay. If you have any siting around the attic, I suggest you list them.

And, if you have a child who is thinking about learning an instrument, you might consider buying one on eBay rather than renting. If your kid quits after a couple of years, there’s a good chance you can re-auction it on eBay and just about get all your money back.

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