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Don’t get snookered by online fraud.

5 Legit Work at Home Opportunities

Customer service jobs are legitimate work at home opportunities.Follow a link promising “big money working from home” and there’s going to be a scam at the other end. However, when you’re satisfied with making “decent money working from home” you can connect with some legitimate work from home jobs.

If you’ve been asking yourself, “How can I work from home?” I have some solid answers for you today and some links that will get you started in your search for the perfect online job. I’ve avoided the work at home jobs that are mostly sales related because few people want to work from home in the cold call sales field.

This list is mostly customer service jobs. Successful applicants work online dealing with customer issues and solving problems. The money isn’t huge, usually $8.00 to $12.00 an hour. However, you don’t have to commute when you’re working an online job and in many cases you can schedule your work at home hours to fit your needs. Students and others with unusual schedules often find that working jobs from home can be the perfect match. This kind of work can also be a good first step for starting your own business from home.

Further, if you’re about to start looking for a full time job that would require you to pay for child care, you might find that you actually end up with more money in your pocket at the end of the month with a work from home online job.

Some of these companies hire workers as regular employees. Others hire customer service representatives as contractors. If you work as a contractor, you’ll have to deal with your own income taxes. The company won’t withhold anything from your pay.

All of these jobs require a computer – almost always a PC – and a high-speed Internet connection. It can be either a cable hookup or DSL. Some also require a a standard phone line and a headset. If you’re hired, you’ll be trained how to work at home using their software. Some companies pay for training.

Explore these legit work at home opportunities. Many of these sites also give you excellent details on what to expect working in a home-based customer service call center.

Work at Home or Get Scammed at Home? Tips to Avoid ‘Big Money’ Ripoffs

I use an Apple computer. It’s a great product, but it’s not a “money-making machine.” The only thing that ever pops out of it is the occasional DVD I’ve left in by accident.

However, there are a lot of scammers working the Internet today who claim to have a system to turn your computer into a “money-making machine.”

Don’t fall for them.

It seems like you can’t navigate to your favorite funny cat video site without being forced to see a few “make big money working from home” ads along the way. The old rule of “if it seems to good to be true, it probably is” applies here.

If you plunk down the bucks and pursue the schemes to make big money working at home from your computer, you’ll eventually find out that the “business plan” they sell you is how to lure other people into spending a few dollars trying to find out how to make big money working from home.

It’s a high-tech variation on the old “make big money from home stuffing envelopes” classified ad scam.

Other “work from home” or “big money” scams are multi-level marketing schemes, tricks to get people to phone “1-900″ numbers, starting your own medical billing company and various chain e-mails. Cruise over to for the latest and greatest scams.

As with any business venture, know the refund policy and check references. People who sell legitimate products will have no problem giving you this information.

Of course, in times like today when unemployment is high and solid, full-time jobs are often elusive at best, the “work at home” and “big money” scammers are having a field day. Don’t join their list of victims.

There are ways to make money over the Internet. I do freelance writing for clients I’ve never met in person. Computer programmers and graphic artists are also in demand. Elance is the website where I connect with most of my clients. I’m planning a series of articles on this soon.

Finally, if Google posts a little ad on this website promoting one of these scams—and I bet they will—don’t click on it.