Call me Art Vandelay, importer-exporter

What would a guy in the Philippines want with four old rusted keys?

When I’m taking stuff from our attic and putting it on eBay, sometimes I wonder why people buy it. For a lot of the items, the answer is obvious, like the tenor saxophone mouthpiece I sold earlier in the year on eBay.

But four old rusted skeleton keys? Being in the tropics and all, I suspect there’s no shortage of rusted stuff in the Philippines, including vintage skeleton keys.

Oh well, after several emails my eBay Philippine customer finally ponied up the Paypal bucks and today the keys went into the mail.

Getting the items ready for shipment wasn’t a problem. After a little research I think the best way to handle eBay international orders is shipping via USPS Priority Mail. Finding the cost of postage on is simple so it’s easy to know your final costs. Fortunately the keys fit in a standard Priority Mail envelope so I didn’t have to invest in any packaging. Priority mail shipping boxes in three different sizes are also available free from the post office.

Maybe you’ve seen the annoying TV commercials.

I was getting my skivvies up in a wad worrying about filling out the customs form, but it really wasn’t a problem. As long as your eBay items aren’t valued more than $400 you only have to fill out one simple piece of paperwork. It requires your address, the recipient’s address, a super short description of what’s being shipped, a value and a few check boxes that need to be dealt with.

So today’ I’m adding a new line to my resume: Exporter.

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