Best places to sell a phone and recycle electronics

Where to recycle and sell your cellphone and electronics.Recently I wrote an article about where to sell used electronics and where you can get cash for your old cellphone.

These sites have a history of going out of business fairly quickly, so I revisited them to give you this update. I’ve added a couple of sites and offer information about specific kinds of devices that some of the sites specialize in.

 Sell Cellphones

If I were looking to sell used electronics today, I’d start at these comparison sites. They look at several of the most popular sites that offer cash for used cellphones and electronics so you don’t have to do as much research yourself:

These sites focus on paying cash for your cellphone. Some also deal with tablet computers:

Sell used electronics

Along with answering the question, “Where can I sell a phone?” the following sites often offer electronic recycling, and they’ll pay you as well. By the way, if you need to recycle electronics, make sure you use a service that guarantees removal of your old data.

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  1. It seems that battery murcfaaturens need to do a lot better on recycling. The Environment Agency estimates that just 1000 tonnes of the 44000 tonnes of batteries produced last year were recycled. The first target is 10% which means a four-fold increase in recycling is needed.

  2. I own a website called Itemcycle that buys used Apple devices. Newton’s Head is no longer in business, just thought I’d give you a heads up!

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