eBay Great for Ham Radio Hobbyists

Before we moved from California to Nashville, I worked with my younger son, Casey, to list several items on eBay. As I recall he input all the info into their forms, took care of most of the shipping hassles and I gave him a generous cut of the earnings.

I sold virtually all my ham radio equipment. One of my dreams since I was in high school was to earn my ham radio license. Back then I would lay in bed with a short wave radio and listen in to all kinds of exotic radio conversations. Finally, when I was about 50 years old I earned my general license.


I stayed fairly active for a couple of years and was a little sad to see my Yaesu HF FT-840 transceiver go back onto eBay, where I originally bought it. For quite a while I would fire it up each Saturday night and talk to other ham radio operators on the “Western Country Cousins” net.

I connected with other hams as far away as Argentina and the Galapagos Islands during my time of pursuing the hobby.

I forget what I paid for the radio, or what I eventually sold it for, but I’m sure I made back a decent chunk of the change I originally invested.

Please don’t mention it to my wife, but every so often I think about getting a mobile unit to put in my truck.

I bet there are some good ones on eBay.

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