Bad Spellers of the World: Untie!

I remember watching Jay Leno do a bit once about eBay listing where the seller had very badly misspelled the name of the item he was trying to auction.

Luie Vutton Purse, $5!

Savvy eBay shoppers can get some good deals on these items because often they don’t show up properly in search results, therefore hardly anyone—except for equally poor spellers—finds these auctions. 

One eBay seller recently listed a “Vintage All Brass Chandalier French Quarter New Orleans” with a starting bid of $125. It came from a 200-year-old home. The item received no bids, maybe because the seller misspelled “chandelier.”

Today I found a great tool to help you discover bad spellers’ auctions. Head over to this page at New Life Auctions and get busy cashing in on the inability of our nation’s public schools to teach the basics. I knew there had to be a silver lining inside the black cloud of our educational demise.

(Before you get too angry at me for criticizing public schools, you need to know that my wife teaches in a public school and I believe that almost every social burden has been placed on the backs of public school teachers.)

Anyway, I think you can have a lot of fun with this tool New Life Auctions has given us. With a little time and creativity you can probably find some badly misspelled items, purchase them for a song, re-list them with the proper spelling and make a few bucks.

Gud Luk.

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