All auctions end on Armageddon

I’m about ready to list this bag-o-inkjet cartridges I have on the floor under my desk. It’s Monday of Thanksgiving week.

What’s the best day and when’s the best time to put my item up on eBay?

I’ll go for the seven-day auction. You have choices here and can shorten it to as little as one day or lengthen it to 10 days. Seven days is pretty standard. Fewer days can be good if you have a real hot item and a 10-day auction is nice because it includes two weekends.

Seven days is good because you get one weekend, most buyers are accustomed to seven-day auctions and there’s not the fee that is tacked on to 10-day auctions.

I hate to admit this, but I usually expect the worst from people, so I thought that the best time to end auctions would be while most of us are at work. I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that employees spend about 17 percent of their workweek doing online shopping unrelated to their jobs.

For an auction, this turns out not to be true. The busiest hours on eBay are between 6-9 p.m. Pacific Coast time.

Now, if I were to list this today, my auction would end next Monday. However, with this holiday weekend in the mix, I think next Monday will be a weird day. People will still be traveling or sick in bed from eating too much over the Thanksgiving holiday. Think about holidays and other big events when you list your items. For example, don’t schedule an auction to end on Armageddon.

I’ll list my printer cartridges tomorrow, Tuesday in the early evening, Armageddon notwithstanding.

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