Are You Raising an Autistic Child?

Get Past the Myths and the Acronyms and Finally Take Control!

Autism_Spectrum_Book_250pxAs the parent of an Autistic child, you’re the most important person in your child’s life and your child may be more comfortable with you than with anyone else in this world. Do not let your child get lost in the diagnosis. You must help your Autistic child learn to connect to the world.

 Equipped with Benjamin Reilly’s new book:You can do it!

In the world of Autism, knowledge brings power and confidence. Knowledge dispels fear. Autism Spectrum Disorder: Help Your Child Connect to the World gives parents and caregivers the information and perspective they need to get to the truth about their child’s condition.

 Dealing with confusing informationChild with blocks

For the parent facing the challenges of raising an autistic child, the world can become a swirl of confusing information. In straightforward language, Benjamin Reilly brings order to the chaos and gives you the ability to truly understand your child’s situation and make the best decisions. If you own one book on Autism, make it this one.

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Find the answers you’ve been seeking

Benjamin Reilly answer the questions the parents of all Autistic children ask and he gives an incisive overview of all the critical issues. After you read Autism Spectrum Disorder: Help Your Child Connect to the World, you’ll be better prepared to give your child empowering guidance and converse with all the experts you will be in contact with as you help your child navigate through life. Here is just a small sample of the topics:

AnxietyAnxiety is not often talked about when discussing common characteristics of Autism. Learn the behaviors and what they can really mean.

Early signsWhen children do not babble by the time they are 12 months old, it’s one of the early signs. Do you know the other four early signs?

Rumble phaseIn Chapter 7, How to Support your Child with Autism: Coming to terms with a diagnosis of Autism, the “rumble phase” and its importance are covered in detail.

QuestionnairesQuestionnaires and screening tools come with names like SCQ, STAT, CSBS. Discover their differences and purposes. Also included are actual checklists and keys to scoring.
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Real Life Stories

Nothing is more encouraging or informative than Autism real life stories from parents and caregivers. In Autism Spectrum Disorder: Help Your Child Connect to the World, you’ll meet:

  • Miranda, whose son was diagnosed at the age of  17 with PDD-NOS and ADHD. She has a special understanding for her child as she now realizes that problems earlier in her life were caused by undiagnosed ASD. Her son is making great progress in college and discovering his artistic talent.
  • Mark and Helen, the adoptive parents of Alison. They have successfully defeated any roadblocks in their journey and despite the problems they have faced, Alison tells them she loves her parents. What more can anyone ask for?
  • Nicola, who starts her story with a painful story about a bad day shopping for shoes with her three children. Any parent with an Autistic child will relate to the looks and comments Nicola gets from other parents who don’t understand the challenges of raising an Autistic child.

Also included are many charts and graphs. They are a great resource to have on hand and they present information in a way that’s easy to understand. With the real life stories, depth of coverage and insightful charts and graphs, Autism Spectrum Disorder: Help Your Child Connect to the World is a resource that will support you, your Autistic child and your entire family for years to come.

Autism_Spectrum_Book_150px copyAs a downloadable PDF eBook, Autism Spectrum Disorder: Help Your Child Connect to the World is compatible with virtually every eBook reader, tablet, smartphone and computer. You can have this great resource with you anywhere. When family or friends have a question about your child’s condition or Autism in general, you can have the answer at your fingertips!

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