6 Places For Cheap Designer Clothing

Deeply discounted clothes can be found online and locally.Confession time. I’m a guy so I’m not a clothing shopaholic. However, I love a bargain as much as anyone and I am a performing jazz musician who needs designer clothing for gigs. Also, as a musician of the starving variety, I’m always looking for discount designer clothes.

Here are 6 places you can find deep discount designer clothes. Some of these you may have already heard about, but just haven’t tried yet. I’m urging you to start checking them out. Four of these are online; two you’ll find in your neighborhood.

Two websites with chic designer clothes cheap

The first two online places are Gilt and Hautelook. These sites specialize in limited quantities—and sometimes limited sizes—of very upscale designer clothing. You have to sign up to shop at these sites. You’ll receive frequent emails that tell you when sales on various designer clothes are set to begin.

Here’s the kind of discount designer clothes you can expect to find at these sites. Recently at Gilt, they were offering a variety of “essential” wardrobe elements including silk shirts. They had a Geren Ford silk asymmetrical cascade tank that retailed at $221 priced at $65. Discounted clothing is generally marked down 50 percent and more. Usually more.

These sites have excellent filtering features. If, for instance, you just want to see cheap designer dresses of a certain size, you can find only the dresses that are offered in your size.

I want to re-emphasize that these two websites have limited quantities. Sometimes they’ll even let you know when there’s only one item left of a certain deeply discounted piece of clothing.

Two websites you probably already know

You can get some great deals at eBay and Overstock.com. Like the previous sites, inventory turnover can be pretty fast here, but generally Overstock.com carries larger quantities than Gilt of Hautelook. Of course, Overstock.com also sells everything from home and garden items to electronics. Don’t expect to see as many high-end brands here as you would at either Gilt or Haute.

You can find almost any kind of clothing on eBay, and often it will be brand new. Sellers with eBay stores keep decent inventories of brand name clothing. One advantage of eBay is if you know exactly what you want you can do a targeted search and find out instantly if it’s available in either an eBay store or in an auction.

I also like eBay for vintage clothing. I recently got some insanely good deals on two lots of vintage ties via eBay auctions.

Two stores around the corner

There is a honey-hole of cheap designer clothing just a couple of miles from my home: Ross and Marshalls have stores side-by-side in a nearby shopping center.

I’m sure that you’ve seen ads for both of these on television. If you haven’t checked them out, you deserve to go on an outing. About two weeks ago I loaded up on several great shirts and two pairs of brand name pants for less than $70.

Inventory turns over quickly in these stores. If you don’t find something you like today, swing back around in a week or two. Also, take the time to rummage through the racks. Often there will be a single deeply discounted designer gem tucked in among a rack of junk.

What are your favorite sources for trendy, cheap designer clothes?

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