1 Simple Way to Save Big on Gift Cards

Save money with discount giftcardsWhen I was a kid, for every birthday I celebrated at least one of my aunt’s would give me a card in the shape of a small wallet. Inside would be tucked a $5 bill. That was a lot of money for a boy growing up in the 1960s.

The modern equivalent is, of course, the gift card. And, they aren’t limited to children’s gifts anymore. It seems like everyone is looking for the best place to buy gift cards today and whoever owns the website “www gift card” has to be getting a lot of traffic.

However, the ugly side of gift cards—even the best gift cards—is that many go unused. This year, giftcards with an estimated value of $2 billion dollars will go unused, wasted. That’s a big number, but just a few years ago it was much higher: more than $3 billion dollars of giftcard value was wasted. One estimate says 35 percent of all giftcards go unspent.

There are sites that offer discount gift cards for sale, among them are:

These companies offer discounts in the 25 percent range, often less and perhaps occasionally more. These discounts are okay, but given the fact that many gift cards go unused, there might be an even better way to save money on gift cards.

How would you like to be able to give a $50 gift card to a friend or relative and only pay $5 for it? This is possible at Moolastreet.

At Moolastreet you pay 10 percent of the gift card value you want to send upfront. You then design a card announcing your gift. The card can be sent via email, or you can print it out. Next, the recipient goes to Moolastreet where he or she can take the value of your gift and distribute the money over one to three specific gift cards. Every major company seems to be in the program, with the exception of iTunes.

Here’s the kicker: You don’t pay the rest until your gift card is redeemed. Further, Moolastreet gift cards expire in three months. If the person you give the card to fails to redeem all or part of the value, you save that money. This has be be about as close as you can get to free gift cards.

How can you make this work for you? First, always use Moolastreet to save money on gift cards for your friends who tend to procrastinate. Second, this strategy is perfect for people who are easily distracted.

Now, to keep yourself from feeling overly guilty, make sure you remind your recipients about the time requirement…at least once.

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